Our Vision

Our company intends to empower as many individuals and small businesses as possible to use their creativity to produce results they are proud of. We will create this opportunity via continuously focusing on convenience, affordability and inspiration at the click of a button.

Our Mission

Our company strives to provide an innovative and easy-to-use platform whereby any individual or business has the opportunity to design and create a range of professional print products themselves from start to finish.

Digital Direct International

Bringing design and print together

Digital Direct International is a premium printing company which provides the tools you need to create your own great designs via our user-friendly technology.

Headquarterted in Melbourne, Digital Direct International are proudly Australian owned and operated. This allows us maximum control over not only the quality of products we deliver, but the highest level of customer care our consumers expect.

With over 30 years’ experience as a leading printing and logistics company, we quickly recognised the benefits to deliver a turnkey design-to-delivery solution for everyday individuals and small businesses.

It was our aim to evolve with the Australian DIY printing industry to provide all Australians with the best in professional printing solutions. By producing a DIY online design platform where consumers can design and customise their own products, they can create exceptional designs themselves, and leave the print and delivery to the experts. 

By making extraordinary design available to everyone via an online platform, we can turn your ideas into an impressive, professional solution at the click of a button, so everyone can make their dreams a reality!



Design your product your way to upload and deliver using DDI.


Upload your design and upload to for print and delivery with our user-friendly system.


Save time and energy by using the same design across multiple product applications, with unlimited quantities.


We are experts in print, and pride ourselves on producing eye-catching professional quality products from your innovative designs.


We know how excited you are to receive your products so we deliver them straight to your door as quickly as we can!


Headquartered in Melbourne, we are Australian owned and operated so we can ensure we deliver the best in customer care and quality.